Apartment submetering is often overlooked. It’s not just a way to bill for utilities; it’s about being fair and smart with resources.

For Class C buildings, submetering can be a game-changer. In older buildings, owners usually pay for water, gas, and electricity through a single meter. Submetering helps get these costs back from each unit, which can increase revenue and decrease expenses.

Class C buildings often have tenants with different incomes. Submetering ensures each tenant pays for what they use, rather than splitting costs evenly. Submetering gives precise data on how much each unit uses, helping property managers plan for maintenance and improvements.

Most importantly, we all want happy tenants. Tenants like knowing they’re paying for what they use. Submetering stops arguments about shared bills and makes tenants happier, which can help them stay longer.

So, if you are a real estate professional responsible for portfolio management or you are leading a retrofit, consider proposing the implementation of submetering to your team. Additionally, if you are engaged in a property transaction, you can leverage this point during your negotiation discussions.