Company Philosophy

FiberHaven believes adopting an Environmental, Social, and Governance framework will lead to a stronger and more sustainable business. As part of its efforts to understand and improve its performance in these areas, the company regularly analyses and monitors its performance in three key indicators:

FiberHaven | Cost-effective, and Eco-friendly Housing
Environmental sustainability

The company focuses on minimizing the environmental impact of its housing developments through energy-efficient design, water and waste conservation, and sustainable materials. It is currently pursuing accreditations such as LEED and Energy Star.

FiberHaven | Cost-effective, and Eco-friendly Housing
Diversity and inclusion

FiberHaven is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in its housing developments. Ensuring a positive social impact on the local community, fostering future economic developments, and promoting inclusion among its residents are top priorities for the company.

FiberHaven | Cost-effective, and Eco-friendly Housing
Company culture

The company culture is founded on trust, transparency, resilience, and innovation. These values are evident not only in the company's everyday operations but are also reflected in the composition of the multicultural real estate committee.

The company offers an ESG report to its limited partners to ensure informed decision-making. This report provides valuable insights into the company’s financial stability and ethical performance.